Company Overview

Anthurium Solutions, Inc. is a technology and solutions company with the mission to use our leading-edge technology to implement innovative, user-centric solutions to solve large scale problems at the intersection of “People and Work.” Working with thought leaders, we use our patented intelligent workflow to build rigorous software solutions for new models of work orchestration and execution in healthcare and beyond. In healthcare, we incorporate innovations in patient engagement, treatment adherence, and care coordination for unified solutions. In workforce innovation, we deliver a powerful virtual work platform for organizations to define and manage the virtual work of employees and crowdsourcing of professionals.

How is Anthurium Different?

Proprietary Technology

Intelligent workflow is at the heart of Anthurium's intellectual property and a differentiated value we offer to organizations that are solving workforce and workflow challenges in healthcare and beyond. We hold some of the earliest U.S. and foreign patents covering key aspects of workflow technology. These methods include recognizing deadlines, job step completion, the selection of appropriate workers, automated interpretation of job requirements in conjunction with an associated deadline and workers’ availability as it impacts the selection of workers through the completion of a job step.

Innovative Platform and Engine

Anthurium has built a modular, cloud-based platform and engine that incorporates our patented workforce innovation methods and algorithms. We use our Platform as a Service (PaaS) engine to build comprehensive, problem-specific Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in specific healthcare workflow areas. Innovations include the capability to match clinicians to patients by cultural and personal affinities for a more trusted relationship. Organizations seeking solutions for condition management, medication management, patient-centered medical home, care coordination, and virtual work execution will find them among our existing product sets. Our healthcare-specific solutions include Pharmacy Outcome Enhancement Technologies™ (POET), Care in the Cloud (CitC), and Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) solution. Innovators can also leverage our Healthcare Solutions Platform and Engine (HSP&E) or our Community Collaboration Centers for business (C3b) solution as a PaaS to adapt and configure their own solutions.

Flexible Collaboration with Customers

Anthurium works with customers to define solutions in alignment with their vision and requirements, then implements using our technology and existing solution modules. We help customers bring innovative solutions into their organizations or to their customers quickly and efficiently.

Why "Anthurium"?

Because you are probably wondering, we thought we should explain why we chose the name Anthurium for our company. Anthurium is genus of flowering plants from the arum family (Araceae). There are over 800 Anthurium varieties. According to some sources, new anthurium plants are discovered every year. When you have seen one anthurium, you have definitely not seen them all. Similarly, our proprietary technology can be applied to nearly every repeatable work-type capable of digitization. Thus, one Anthurium solution is just one of many, and the next one may be very different from the last one you saw, although it is built from a common platform and engine. Our founder, Tim Simard, envisions a potentially limitless number of solutions arising from our platform. Thus “Anthurium” seemed an apt moniker. We further reflect this notion of infinite applications arising from our technology through our use of the infinity symbol in our logo.