The marketplace is crowded with exchanges that match freelancers with projects. Anthurium's scalable C3b platform is different. Using our patented intelligent workflow, C3b enables organizations to manage virtual employees or an independent, crowdsourced workforce in the orchestration and execution of specific, repeatable work-types. C3b’s innovation lets organizations that wish to harness on-demand, skilled, and vetted workers by using a scalable platform that is both a marketplace and a virtual workspace. The C3b platform is ready for innovative organizations that seek a better way to manage virtual work and workers.


  • Powerful intelligent workflow design and configuration capabilities to enable distributed workers to complete virtual work
  • Configure and manage different work types
  • Configure and manage distributed work teams
  • Multi-level organization and team workflow rules and approval
  • Scheduling
  • Execute work on the platform
  • Automatically match and distribute work order requests
  • Bidding, negotiation, and acceptance
  • Worker and team ratings
  • Automatic billing and payment models
  • Bi-directional integration and interoperability, EMR/EHR/PHR/HIE
  • Multiple secure collaboration tools (video, transcription, mail, chat, IVR)
  • HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant cloud hosting
  • Mobile technology deployment and integration via API solution