Anthurium’s patient-centered solutions focus on the promotion of wellness, prevention, education, and self-management. Whether in the areas of post-discharge care, medication or chronic condition management, our platforms support the patient, her clinicians, and caregivers to achieve better treatment adherence. We recognize a patient as both "work" and "worker" in our workflow paradigm. Our matching technology can pair patients with clinicians according to schedule, demographics, and more subtle criteria, such as values and affinities, for more trusted relationships.

Our suite of over 100 modules provides an array of tools that can be configured to the particular needs of an organization as it expands patient-centered care models. The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) lets our customers select the features applicable to their requirements for private label, tailored solutions. Our turnkey solutions address problems in medication management (Pharmacy Outcome Enhancement Technologies™ or POET), condition management (Care in the Cloud or CitC), patient-centric population management (Patient-Centered Medical Home or PCMH solution), and virtual work orchestration (Community Collaboration Centers for business or C3b).


  • Powerful intelligent workflow design and configuration capabilities for telehealth or face-to-face consultation and collaboration
  • Multiple, synchronized user portals and tools for different communities (clinician, patient, caregiver)
  • Medication profile, reconciliation, adverse issue, and clinical interactions analysis
  • Shared, multi-threaded patient action plans
  • Configurable clinical decision support and real time analytics
  • Personalized alerts and interventions
  • Patented matching technology that can be used to: 1) link clinicians to clinicians and/or patients and family caregivers for trusted relationships, and 2) orchestrate knowledge crowdsourcing
  • On-boarding and recurring health and progress assessments
  • Personalized alerts and interventions
  • Wellness management for fitness and nutrition
  • Behavior analysis and management modules
  • Population management
  • Patient registries
  • Patient education modules using third-party or customer content
  • Multiple secure collaboration tools (video, transcription, mail, chat, IVR)
  • Mobile technology, remote monitoring, and gamification integration via API solution