Anthurium’s workforce innovations respond to the reality of work in the 21st century, when organizations need an on-demand, skilled, and vetted workforce and workers seek more geographic and scheduling flexibility. In addition to marketplace exchange capabilities, our platforms support the orchestration and execution of an organization's work by a distributed workforce. The method and core workflow in each of our work solutions is to identify, frame, deliver, match, execute, and reconcile discrete work. Our Community Collaboration Centers for business (C3b) solution can be configured to enable organizations with a variety of work-types to define and manage work by a distributed workforce.

Applying our technology in healthcare, we recognize a patient as both “work” and “worker” in our workflow paradigm. Our matching technology can pair patients with clinicians according to schedule, demographics, and more subtle criteria such as values and affinities. In healthcare, our solutions provide value where work involves repeated consultation, collaboration, and care coordination activities among clinicians and patients.


  • Powerful intelligent workflow design and configuration capabilities to enable distributed workers to complete virtual work
  • Configure and manage different work types
  • Configure and manage distributed work teams
  • Multi-level organization and team workflow rules and approval
  • Independent and employee work scheduling
  • Execute work on the platform
  • Automatically match and distribute work order requests
  • Skill-specific knowledge worker crowdsourcing
  • Bidding, negotiation, and acceptance
  • Worker and team ratings
  • Automatic billing and payment models
  • Bi-directional integration and interoperability, EMR/EHR/PHR/HIE
  • Multiple secure collaboration tools (video, transcription, mail, chat, IVR)
  • Mobile technology, remote monitoring, and gamification integration via API solution